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Advocates of copyfree policy, users of copyfree licenses, and other interested parties may make use of the following resources for communicating with others of like mind.


The Snowdrift Project's goals are well aligned with those of the Copyfree Initiative, in helping promote and foster successful development of "Free/Libre/Open Works", providing a model for sustainable development of open works. As such, we regard the Copyfree and Snowdrift communities to be allied communities. The Copyfree Initiative and Snowdrift Project have taken steps to co-ordinate mutually beneficial efforts and establish friendly relations.



The following community resources provide ways for the community to collaborate and meet like-minded people, as well as for curious parties to seek answers to their questions.

More such resources may be forthcoming in the future.

IRC (Realtime Chat)

There are two IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels on the Freenode network. Use the IRC client of your choice to connect to, then join the Copyfree channel that best suits your needs:

Mailing List (Community Email Discussion)

You can join the Copyfree Discussion mailing list by sending an email to discussion-join (at from the email you wish to use to send email to, and receive email from, the list. The subject line and content of the email do not really matter: only the email address from which you sent the email matters. You should then receive a confirmation email, and you should follow the instructions in that email to confirm your subscription.

If you have a default email client configuration so that clicking mailto links in your browser will open a new email, you may subscribe here: