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About The Copyfree Initiative

The Copyfree Initiative is an unincorporated nonprofit association that was founded by Chad Perrin and a silent partner to fill the need for informational and organizational resources to support the propagation of licensing policy that maximizes the reusability of works subject to copyright. Toward that end, a definition of copyfree policy with regard to license compliance was drafted as well as position statements about various licensing policies. A community grew around the Copyfree Initiative since then, at a modest, but fairly steady, rate.

Its organizational status is informal, and its infrastructure is maintained by the personal efforts and expense of individual founders and volunteers. No part of the management of the Copyfree Initiative is corporate or governmental in nature; it is a labor of love.

We believe the legally informal status of the Copyfree Initiative ensures greater freedom of operation and independence from influence by conflicts of interest for now. No process for democratic election of managing members means no process for organizational takeover by individuals with strong ties to competing interests. The management of the Copyfree Initiative is a matter of principle which its founders take very seriously.