Copyfree: standard > rejected

The following licenses have been rejected for certification as compliant with the Copyfree Standard Definition. Explanations of reasons for rejection may not be complete in all cases. For more information about copyfree policy, policies that conflict with copyfree policy, and the requirements for copyfree certification, see the pages referencing copyfree, copyleft, and copyright policies, as well as the Copyfree Standard Definition.

For some licenses, "alternatives" may be listed. These are copyfree licenses that otherwise may serve similar purposes to those for which the rejected licenses are often chosen, or in some cases copyfree licenses that are essentially identical except that they lack the conditions that would otherwise render them incompatible with the Copyfree Standard Definition. Such alternatives should not be regarded as legal advice, but rather options that some people choose for similar reasons. You may wish to consider such alternatives with the help of a legal professional to maintain copyfree licensing status for your projects.

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