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Advocates of copyfree policy, users of copyfree licenses, and other interested parties may make use of the following resources for communicating with others of like mind.

Rules Of Engagement

We do not have a "code of conduct" in the sense of many other communities and projects. We do not presume to be able to identify any and all possible ways to cause offense with inflexibly correct lines drawn between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. What we do have is a non-final set of goals for good community interactions and guidelines we believe will help ensure a positive community experience.

The closest thing to a hard-and-fast community engagement rule we have is simple:

If you are deemed by those with the power to enforce such a rule to be a net detriment to the community as a whole, you may be asked to leave. This does not mean you can never come back, but it certainly hurts your chances of being welcome in the future.

With that out of the way, find our guidelines in their current form here:

Community Of Ideas


The following community resources provide ways for the community to collaborate and meet like-minded people, as well as for curious parties to seek answers to their questions.

More such resources may be forthcoming in the future.

IRC (Realtime Chat)

Apparently, in the wake of the Freenode and Libera split, Freenode elected to start a parallel network and force everyone to recreate all their logins and channels themselves the next time they logged out and back in. Our plan at this time is to remain logged in to the old Freenode network channel and help others with the transition as needed until a network hiccup forces a disconnection. At that point, there will probably no longer be an official Copyfree Initiative presence on Freenode, at least for the time being.

To find the official Copyfree Initiative presence in IRC, find us on the Libera Chat network. Connect to and join the Copyfree channel that best suits your needs:

CI founder Chad is usually available under the "apotheon" name in the above indicated channels.

You may also want to see the short IRC FAQ, which includes some information about reaching the copyfree community on Libera Chat.

If anyone has the time, energy, and benevolence to register a username on the new Freenode network and use that to register the #copyfree and ##copyfree channels to prevent squatters from grabbing them, then turn over Founder status for them to Chad (who will hopefully be able to claim the apotheon name by then) at a later time, that would be appreciated. If not, c'est la vie. Life will find a way.

Mailing List (Community Email Discussion)

You can join the Copyfree Discussion mailing list by sending an email to discussion-join (at from the email you wish to use to send email to, and receive email from, the list. The subject line and content of the email do not really matter: only the email address from which you sent the email matters. You should then receive a confirmation email, and you should follow the instructions in that email to confirm your subscription.

If you have a default email client configuration so that clicking mailto links in your browser will open a new email, you may subscribe here:



For all IRC events, see the "IRC (Realtime Chat)" section further down the page for connection details.

Offline Events

Organizational Meetings

Organizational meetings are scheduled to occur in the #copyfree (official) channel at 17:00 UTC (13:00 EDT, 12:00 EST) Tuesdays for the near future, beginning on the 26th of August 2014, schedules permitting. All active or interested community members are welcome to attend, but the intent is to keep topics focused on specific organizational issues and goals.

Community Meetings

Regular meetings in the ##copyfree (community) channel at 01:00 UTC Tuesdays (20:00 EST Mondays) are on indefinite hold due to schedule conflicts. Feel free to pop in any time for general discussion, though.


The Snowdrift Project's goals are well aligned with those of the Copyfree Initiative, in helping promote and foster successful development of "Free/Libre/Open Works", providing a model for sustainable development of open works. As such, we regard the Copyfree and Snowdrift communities to be allied communities. The Copyfree Initiative and Snowdrift Project have taken steps to co-ordinate mutually beneficial efforts and establish friendly relations.