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Copyfree Community Unconference

2017-06-27 is the tenth anniversary of the website. On that day, we're gathering members of the copyfree community for an unconference in beautiful northern Colorado, within spitting distance of the Rocky Mountains. Join us for round-table discussions, open-mic-night-style presentations, or whatever else attendees want to make happen. Unconferences are participant-driven, much like copyfree culture itself, and we want to see what excitment and inspiration an inviting, friendly gathering of copyfree community members will engender.

Swing by the ##copyfree IRC channel on freenode to join the conversation (see the community page for more details). You can also comment or ask questions in the discussion of the reddit unconference announcement. With luck, people lacking the resources to pay for their trips alone might even share costs with other attendees to bring an otherwise difficult trip within reach. (As always, be safe! Never rely on people you cannot trust.)

If you cannot make it at all, perhaps you can even organize your own concurrent copyfree gatherings on that date, in your area. We hope to see some good photos and videos of such events, if you get them going.