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The Copyfree Initiative owes a debt of gratitude to the community as a whole, many members of which contribute in numerous and largely invisible or unmeasurable ways to the advancement of copyfree policy. This page lists a number of noteworthy people for reasons of particularly recognizable contribution or significant blame.


The following people are Copyfree Initiative members with, to varying degrees, official titles and responsibilities.

Chad Perrin

freenode: apotheon


Chad has done a wide range of things in his life, many of them chosen according to a belief in the importance of freedom, even when his choices have been misguided in retrospect. Co-founding the Copyfree Initiative is one that has withstood time and hindsight well, and for which he has only pride, and no regrets. He is a fierce autodidact and advocate for individual initiative and principled rationality in directing one's life. His professional experience involves both physical and information systems security, both software and content development, and both hardware and software maintenance and support. He has been (and in some cases still is): an independent IT consultant, a maintainer of Ruby gems and FreeBSD ports, an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, a network administrator for rocket scientists, a private volunteer programming tutor, and the most prolific contributing writer (and open source advocate) for TechRepublic.

In his full-time dayjob, he does software development as employee number four of a rapidly growing software consultancy, and his supplementary job is the unpaid position of Director of the Copyfree Initiative -- a job that actually costs him money.

Everything that goes wrong with day-to-day management of the Copyfree Initiative and its efforts is ultimately his responsibility.


Copyfree Initiative Founder and Director


By preference, Chad runs DragonFly BSD and FreeBSD on his laptops as well as on his servers, and OpenBSD on his firewalls. He favors vi-like keybindings not only for editors, but also window managers, browsers, media players, and just about any other software he uses, though for some types of software there are still not a lot of options in that regard. He provides more information about his tool choices on his personal website, at

Lester L. Martin II

freenode: lmartin92


Lester is a professional IT problem-solver and programmer, and a technology enthusiast. He works diligently on things about which he is passionate, including supporting the Copyfree Initiative and community, clients, and his regular employer. As a system administrator, he has worked extensively with network administration, firewalls, virtualization, encapsulation, storage, management, deployment, and probably a dozen other things that didn't make it into this list.


Copyfree Initiative Sysadmin

Lisa Joy

freenode: oblongata


Copyfree Initiative Database Administrator