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The license status of some works may be more complex than it at first appears here. In some cases, the license status listed for a given work is the "primary" license under which it is distributed. In several cases, parts of the work may be distributed under other licenses -- potentially even non-copyfree licenses.

Where present, descriptions are typically drawn from the claims of the projects themselves, and represent neither claims nor opinions of the Copyfree Initiative. Inclusion here (with or without description) does not constitute, and should not be inferred as, endorsement of any project.

Listings are presented for informational purposes only, and no representation is made as to the accuracy or utility of any information provided. Use at your own risk.

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License Reference

CPDup is a filesystem mirroring utility that attempts to retain permissions, flags, ownership, and utimes. It will create and delete files/directories on the destination as necessary to synchronize it with the source. CPDup attempts to avoid unnecssary copies (by default) by assuming that files are the same if their size and mtime (and other parameters) match. CPDup also has the ability to run MD5 checks between the source and destination and optimizes to avoid unnecessary data reads from the source by generating and maintaining MD5 checkfiles.