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Copyfree Software

This page is a work in progress, and includes copyfree or public domain software choices organized alphabetically by category. In addition to solving current technical issues, work is currently being done to build a more comprehensive, dynamically filterable and searchable database of copyfree works beyond just software.

The license status listed for each piece of software is the "primary" license under which it is distributed. In several cases, parts of the software package may be distributed under other licenses -- potentially even non-copyfree licenses.

Because of the potential for project maintainers mislabeling their license choices or nonspecifically identify their licenses (a particular problem with BSD license variants), a reference item has been added to many entries, linking to a reference to the source of licensing information for the project. In some cases, a statement about the license used has not been verified, or a nonspecific identification of a license has not been successfully checked for specifics; let the buyer beware. Please submit any references for license information you may find so that incomplete, nonspecific, or unreferenced entries can be updated. You are also encouraged to submit projects not included in this list (with information about licensing) if they use copyfree licenses as their primary project licenses.

Audio Production and Editing



Design or Fabrication Tool



Inferno/P9 Software

Network Client

Media Player

Office Tool

Operating System


Programing Language Implementation or Environment

Security Tool


Terminal Emulator, Multiplexer, or Shell

Text Tool

Version Control

Web/XML Browser

Web Content Management

Window Manager or GUI Environment

Special thanks are due Giles Orr and his Comprehensive List of Window Managers for Unix for making a lot of the work in compiling this list easy.

X Tool